The Game First Time Sex Part 15 Valentines Day Weekend

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The Game First Time Sex Part 15 Valentines Day Weekend

*** Please read parts The Game ... /sex/sex-first-time/first-time-sex/">first time sex: Part 1 - 14 before continuing the story in order to grasp the plots and personalities for Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and me up to this point. As always, thanks for reading!

Winter is progressing nicely and the weekends have been great for all of us. Tonya and I continue using the webcam. Once the ice was broken, it wasn't hard to have cyber sex with Tonya as many times a week as she and I wanted. Well, I confess that after the /first-time/">first time, I was so hot and turned on by the new behavior that I initiated it often. We ended up doing it every weeknight for the first couple of weeks. We don't do it every night now, but it's more than once a week for sure. I mean, if I'm gonna beat off, why not do it with Tonya? After my initial reluctance, now I love staring in the camera at Tonya and shooting off. She loves it too, but she hasn't had to ask me to do it after the first time.

Oh yeah, Marcus and Donna are wearing out their cameras too. We haven't all connected to do it together, yet, but I know it's coming after the new wears off of doing it one-on-one. We already do so much together with Donna and Marcus that using the webcam is our private, personal time where we can be completely devoted to each other. Donna and Marcus feel the same way. We have a unique relationship with each other as a group, but we don't want to miss out on focusing completely on our partner, and the webcam is satisfying that need really well.

Did I say really well? Geez, it's absolutely fucking fantastic. There is no more fantasizing for me while I'm alone in my bed and longing to see Tonya as I beat off. Now, each night that I want to do it, I just call Tonya and we do it together. Modern miracles and technological advances coupled with age-old, old fashioned natural desires allow my generation the best that life has to offer. As long as it's between her and me, it's no one's business. You have to respect and trust your partner to not record anything you do, and Tonya and I have each other's trust and respect for privacy.

There are no surprises to talk about on the weekends since the first of the year. Yet, when Donna, Marcus, Tonya and I get together, nothing is ever routine. It's now the week before Valentine's Day, and since it falls on Monday this year, it will be difficult for us to get together. Nevertheless, Donna says we'll devote the entire weekend for our Valentine's celebration. I waited all week to find out if my parents had anything planned for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so that we can spend at least one evening at my house. It would be nice for the four of us to have some room on the most romantic weekend of the year instead of crowding up in Donna's car, the Kia Soul, but as Friday arrives, my parents haven't said anything about leaving the house. We've never been alone at Donna's or Marcus' houses since someone is always coming and going there, and Tonya's parents never leave for long periods of time by themselves. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, and I'm excited about seeing Tonya this evening and finding out what Donna has planned for us even if we have to confine our time with each other in Donna's car.

It's early evening and Donna and Tonya arrive and pick Marcus and me up at my house. We end up watching Adam Sandler in "Just Go With It" at the theatre. It's really funny, and Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Kidman are hot. They are almost as hot as Donna and Tonya. Almost? Sure, I say almost because Donna and Tonya are hotter. Geez, those Hollywood pussy's have been worn out by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise to name only a few, while Donna's and Tonya's pussies are years away and thousands of penetrations from that stage. Not to take away from the most beautiful two women on the screen, but they have nothing that Donna and Tonya don't have more of, except money. I wouldn't trade money for what I have with Tonya, and not speaking for Marcus, but no doubt he feels the same. Love is just not for sale.

As we watch the movie, we use our coats to cover our laps as we have done before in order to start our /foreplay/">foreplay early. I wonder if kids put coats on their laps to play with each other in the Golden Age of Hollywood? Sure they did. I think that we are still in the Golden Age. Some say the Golden Age of Hollywood is past, but I think it has continued through to the present. With all of the great actors, writers, directors, and special effects, movies have never been better, and the women on screen have never been more glamorous and dedicated.

In the past there were lots of glamorous Hollywood women, but not all of them would make it into a guy's short list of /fantasy/">fantasy fucks. Take June Allyson. No kid in the 1940's would fantasize about her because she reminded you of the purity of your mother, yuck, or how about Judy Garland? That would be like fucking with your sister, double yuck, but fucking Lauran Bacall or Veronica Lake and a host of other hot Golden Age Hollywood women were definitely in the fuck fantasies of the teenage guys in the 40's for sure. There were many beautiful women to watch on screen in those days, and I'm sure that the guys played with their dates' pussies under their coats in the theatres while watching them. It's always been a Golden Age in the theatre with wet pussies under those coats. Nothing changes, just the ages.

By the end of the movie, Tonya's /panties/panties-wet/">panties wet and my boxers are too. Of course, that is not the first time, but each time is just as exciting as the first. I keep a hard on all the way out to the car, but with a coat, I don't have to worry about sticking out. Marcus walks out with his arm around Donna, and they hold each other so tight that they don't notice anything around them.

As I watch Marcus embrace Donna, I wonder if our love for each other will ever peak? Over the months that we have all been together, we get closer and closer, and our fun and excitement continue to grow and grow. Actually, it's been about six months, and we haven't gotten tired of each other individually or as a group. Is it because of Donna's guidance, is it due to a perfect fit of personalities, or is it our ability to get together frequently? It can't be the last thing because other kids get together just about every day while we are relegated to seeing each other in person only on the weekends. Whatever it is, it is more than magical, it is absolutely /pure/pure-love/">pure love.

In earlier times, humans our age would already be bonded whether in a legal sense or just by tribal rituals. In those previous cultures, by the time humans reached puberty, survival demanded responsibilities such as helping to find food, maintain security, and reproduce. Now, compare that to our modern times and notice that such responsibilities for survival occur at a later age. Consequently, conflicts arise between our genetic needs and some of society's misplaced prudence because humans are programmed to have sex at the same age and maturity as their ancestors. Suppressing genetic urges and desires places unnatural pressures on young people. Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I have been fortunate to bond and experience the freedom of intimacy at the same time our bodies demand such interaction. I guess that is why we haven't reached any limits in our love and excitement with each other. Suppressing natural desires is just not healthy, so we don't suppress anything.

Donna drives us to a neat place for us to listen to music and continue what we started under our coats in the theatre. The spot is secluded behind some very large rocks and trees. Dang, these boulders could hide anything especially in the dark. If anyone came up here, we would see their lights a long way off. Since the threat of having to dress quickly and move the car is extremely remote, I offer to exchange places with Donna and Marcus and let them sit in the back seat so that they can have a little more room tonight. I don't have a license yet, but in a pinch, I can drive us out to the highway should the need arise, but as I said, it's very safe here. So Tonya and I take the front seat, and Donna and Marcus are in the back tonight. After we start, it's nice looking over the back seat and seeing Marcus work on Donna. It turns me on. Tonya and I aren't having any problem in the front tonight. Since it's been a long week apart from each other, no inconvenience or cramped quarters can hamper our enjoyment of being together

As I face Tonya who is sitting on the passenger side in the front, I see Donna taking Marcus clothes off and licking him like a mother cat does her kitten. She pulls his hoodie over his head along with his t-shirt exposing his hairless chest. Then she slips his pants down to his knees and tugs at his cuffs, but stops and takes his shoes off first. Then she pulls his pants off and puts a blanket underneath him on the seat. As he lies backwards, she puts a pillow under his head. Remember, she keeps a couple of pillows, towels, and blankets for us in the car. He has his hands up her skirt and manages to pull her panties down and toss them on my head to start our panty ritual.

I continue the ritual and compliment Donna for her good taste in panties, "Nice as usual."

"I'm glad they aren't wasted as fast as they come off," she says.

"Panties are always optional," says Marcus.

"But comfort isn't. We need panties for long rides," laughs Tonya.

I'm sure it's hard for Marcus to concentrate on taking her panties off when he's getting licked all over. As Donna finally removes his boxers, I pull Tonya's panties off and put them flat on Marcus' face as Donna starts sucking his dick. He doesn't wait long to respond. By the time Donna mounts on top of him, Marcus has already licked and sucked her neck, nipples, stomach, knees, pussy, and, well, everywhere. Many times, Donna seems to take over at the beginning and let's Marcus catch up later, but tonight with the extra room they have in the back seat, they seem to be working on each other at an even pace. I am doing the same to Tonya.

The only thing that is routine tonight is that we take our time. Other than that, every night is different. We expect it to last a couple of hours. Well, that's our goal, but it's hard to hold off that long when we've been apart a week. How do we last that long? We listen to music, cuddle, use our fingers and tongues and hold off all insertions as long as possible. If it's been a week since we've been together, then we probably won't last two hours. Well, it's has been a week, geezus. It's like holding a herd of buffalo from the watering hole in the dry season like in those National Geographic documentaries. It's impossible. Those buffalo will risk getting eaten by crocodiles in order to quench their thirst. They have to have water to survive. Well, it's not lack of water that's killing us now, it's the absence of our partners for a week that drives us.

The music playing in Donna's car enhances our romantic mood. Granted, we don't need enhancement, but it really adds to the atmosphere. We listen to the lyrics for "Sex is on Fire" by Kings of Leon.

The dark of the alley, the breaking of day
The head while I'm driving, I'm driving
Soft lips are open, knuckles are pale
Feels like you're dying, you're dying

You, your sex is on fire
Consumed with what's to transpire

Hot as a fever, rattling bones
I could just taste it, taste it
If it's not forever, if it's just tonight
Oh, it's still the greatest, the greatest, the greatest

Donna stops and leans over the front seat and gives me a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss. That is a little different. I kiss back her deeply. Although we occasionally share a moment with each other, we are devoted to our partners. This kiss is to thank me for my consideration in offering the back seat for them. I know we truly all appreciate each other, all of us. Donna didn't need to charge me up for Tonya, but the kiss elevated me to my next level for sure. Not to be outdone, Marcus leans over and kisses Tonya. It lasts longer than Donna wants to wait, so she lightly caresses his nuts, and he releases his playful death grip on the wwwxxx Tonya.

We have been snuggling and listening to music for a over forty-five minutes, and I can't wait any longer. I spread Tonya's legs wide apart as she slumps half way down the seat. As I give into my urges, I'm purposely taking my time by slowly licking her inner thighs and then on to her pussy. I love this part, absolutely fucking love it, and also love it when I feel that I'm holding off longer than Donna and Marcus. It's not a contest, but I feel a sense of accomplishment that I can extend playing with Tonya as long as possible and sort of gauge my timing with what Donna and Marcus are doing. After licking her nipples and sucking her pussy off and on for another 10 minutes as she runs her hands all over my head and back of my neck, I raise up and insert my dick into her. It never feels routine. Oh gawd, the rush of sensation after all of that time overcomes my thoughts as I am flushed with tingles up and down from my chest to my ankles. I work myself in an out of her pussy very slowly because I could cum at any moment if I don't concentrate. Tonya grips my sides when she is close to cumming, and she is gripping like hell now. Geezus, we just started fucking about 5 minutes, and we're both about to cum. I don't want us to cum so soon.

I whisper in her ear, "Not yet," and hold inside of her without moving.

As she lifts her chin up, I suck her neck and lick her left ear until she cringes. I kiss her deeply while still holding very still inside of her. After a couple of minutes go by and when I know she is in delightful agony waiting for me to finish her, I slowly start moving in and out again. My agony is just at great, but since I'm controlling the moves, I can say it must be worse on her not knowing exactly when I will continue. So I torture us both and pull out slowly while kissing her deeply at the same time.

"The Four of Us are Dying," by Nine Inch Nails is playing in the background with a profound emotional intensity even at a low volume. The instrumental is so extremely romantic that it heightens every sensation in my body. No song could better fit the mood that we are in at the moment. It is absolutely perfect and gently lifts us to another universe.

Tonya and I exchange positions so that I can sit face forward in the front seat. Tonya takes out a condom from her purse, and my heart starts pounding more. I'm not sure what this means. I tear it open for her, but she takes it from me and works it down my dick. This is new. Then she takes some oil and spreads it all over my dick and lubricates her anal button hole, so now I have a clue. Next, she turns herself around with her back to me and sits on my dick very slowly as I slide the head into her /hole/anal-hole/">anal hole very carefully. I don't know how girls stand it, but she likes to do this for me. I let her ease on an off until she adjusts enough to sit all the way down on me. We sit for a minute as I reach around and caress her stomach and nipples while licking her shoulders. After a few minutes she raises up and down a few strokes and then sits back down. I snuggle with her.

Wow, this is the first time we have ever used a condom. Hell, it's the first time I have ever felt a condom on my dick. So I guess she and Donna planned ahead of time to buy these Crown Skinless Skin Condoms. It's a nice /surprise/">surprise and another first for her and me. In this case, she doesn't have to use hand sanitizer like she did before to clean my dick. The alcohol in the sanitizer is a bit hot although not unbearable, but with a condom you can just discard it after /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex. It really is fun to feel a condom for the first time.

Before she has time to turn around, wwwxxx I slide down between her legs and lick her between her cheeks. This is a bit difficult, but I manage to lick her as she braces herself with her hands on the dashboard in front of her. She loves this, and I give her plenty of time to enjoy it. OK, I licked her ass with my tongue, but it's not like her sucking my dick after it has been all the way up her ass. A little won't hurt, and it's probably good for the immune system. There's probably more germs on a salad bar or oysters on the half shell.

After I scoot back up, she turns around to face me and slowly pulls the condom off my dick. Geezus, it feels good. I'll make sure we have plenty of these around from now on. I never thought about using one for our anal fun. Well, hell, gawd damn Marcus popped her anal cherry before I had completed any of my plans on doing it to Tonya. I still haven't asked for reparations from that little fuck, but I've not forgotten about it. Oh my gosh, now she is taking out a zip-lock plastic baggy, seals the condom in it, and puts it in her purse. It is a very /sweet/">sweet ritual and doesn't ruin the moment at all. Gawd, talk about planning ahead. I'm really hot, but this interlude helps to slow us down.

"You guys want one?" asks Tonya looking at Donna.

Well, the girls obviously planned ahead, but Marcus won't let them play out their surprise without commenting using his newly found comedian personality.

"No thanks. I think Donna is on the pill, but we aren't going all the way tonight anyway," he quips using the old high school clich’ for saying we aren't going to fuck.

"Yeah right, give me one of those," Donna laughs and seems she is really ready to use it. It's not only my first time, it's Marcus first time using one too.

Again as I said before, anal is exciting and feels great. I just don't know how hell the girls can stand it, but I'm not complaining as long as they don't care. It seems that not only are they trying to give us a little extra pleasure, they actually like it. I'm learning a lot.

I help Tonya to exchange places with me, and she sits in the seat. I face her and am able to watch Donna and Marcus in the back seat while sucking on Tonya's neck.

"I want to watch too," says Tonya surprising the fucking hell out of me.

Donna laughs, but Marcus pays no attention to Tonya's comment and is in a zombie state lying face up on the seat and saying nothing as he waits for Donna to put his condom on. It's dark, but our eyes are adjusted, and we can see Marcus' /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick elevated at its usual 60 degree angle. Did I mention that he seems to have grown a few inches since New Years? His height, not his dick is what I'm talking about. We haven't measured dicks lately, but as I said before, he will probably surpass me in dick sizes soon since he seems to still be growing. Tonya hands Donna the oil, and Donna puts a generous amount on Marcus' dick. I offer to help. I offer to help putting oil on Donna, not Marcus' dick.

"Bend over," I say as I lean over the seat and massage oil in her anal hole. Beforehand, we put towels under us in the front seat, and Donna and Marcus have a blanket under then in the back to catch anything dripping down whether its cum or oil. It's a nice car, and over the many months that we have used it, we make sure the seats don't get stained. Working the oil into Donna's butt is fantastic. Of course, I massage it longer than is needed because it feels good to lube her up.

"OK, enough, let them get started," Tonya laughs as she pulls my hand back across the seat.

"Donna's not complaining," I say.

"I will complain if it helps to speed things up," says Marcus.

"Oh, you are alive down there?" I quip.

We get serious again and watch Donna scoot into position in order to lower herself down on Marcus' dick. As Donna gets on her knees and straddles Marcus' pelvis, he holds both hands on her sides and helps her sit down on him. After a few up and down motions, Marcus' dick is fully inside of her and her full weight is pressing down on his pelvis. As I have said before, how in the hell do girls stand that? Geezus, it does feel good to me when they do. Tonya and I enjoy staring at them, and they are now oblivious to anything else going on around them. As Donna moves up and down and Marcus switches between holding her sides and playing with her nipples, Tonya and I sit back in our seat and start kissing.

I lick her nipples as she scoots her butt on the seat and spreads her legs. I still don't want to rush it, so once again, I move my tongue down to her pussy and lick her inside and out generously, robustly, and deeply. As Donna finishes sitting on Marcus and begins removing the condom off his dick, I'm ready to insert myself inside of Tonya once again. Now, Tonya takes over and pushes me off and starts sucking me. She opens her mouth wide and goes as far down as she can without touching my dick, and then grasps it with her lips and tongue and pulls up. Geezus, gawd, it feels great. She does it again. After the third time, I am ready to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth, so I force her to stop, and she understands. Meanwhile, Donna places Marcus' condom in a baggy, and he scoots underneath her and sucks her pussy.

I spread Tonya's legs wide and without hesitation move my dick into her slowly. By slowing down and stopping occasionally, I am able to hold off as I fuck her in and out without pounding her pelvis. Soon she grips my sides and stares straight into my eyes. I know that look, and I love it. I finally let my self go and feel paralyzed with cold shivers as the sensation hurls itself up my arms and down my legs, and suddenly I shoot /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into her pussy. As my dick throbs and pulses with each contraction, Tonya grips me hard. I kiss her while she experiences her tingling, numbing, coolness across her stomach and deep into her pussy. As usual, I pump hard and faster after I cum to make sure she climaxes hard too, and then I slow down. After easing in and out for a couple of minutes, I know Tonya is ready for me to pull out. It's hard for me to stop because she is so hot tonight. I just don't want to stop. I clean her up with a towel and bend down to lick and kiss her pussy allowing her to relax. I love that brown pussy hair.

We finish before Marcus and Donna. Marcus has moved on top of Donna, and she is lying with her back elevated against the door with her legs wide apart and knees up in the air. Even though my desire has subsided, I enjoy this beautiful and erotic scene. Marcus is close to cumming and is pounding hard using fast stokes strokes to thrust in and out of her. His ass cheeks are tight as Donna grips his rear. Donna whimpers a bit, and after a few minutes more, I hear Marcus exhale and slow his pace. He slows down more after another 15 or 20 seconds, and I know he is in the cool down stage allowing Donna to enjoy the rest of her climax as it tapers off. Marcus pulls out slowly, and Donna lifts up to kiss him. He puts his head between her legs and sucks hard. Afterwards he uses a towel to wipe his mouth and her pussy. Donna kisses him again and sucks his dick to get every drop.

It's been a great night, and it's just Friday! The music continues playing as we drive home and promise to get together tomorrow night to continue our Valentines weekend together. Send emails to Galaxysign at hotmail dot com. I don't spam and will keep your emails private. Thanks for any feedback. It's great to hear from anyone reading about us. Please read chapter 16 to find out what happens the rest of the Valentine's Day weekend.