True Love321123

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True Love321123

Daniel was 18 years old. Ever since meeting his girlfriend Tiffany, he never bothered looking at other girls. She was 
profoundly beautiful, and had a figure that makes people wonder why she wasn't in modelling. Strawberry Blonde hair as soft 
as silk to touch, which smelt like daffodils in the springtime. Her skin from head to toe was as soft as her hair, and her 
hair covered her breasts when she stood naked infront of her mirror. She had a perfectly flat stomach, which arched down from 
her magnificently shaped breasts, not too large, but definately not too small.

Daniel had never real forced anal against her will been with anybody sexually, but there was this gut instinct inside of him that gave him a special knowledge 
of exactly what he should do if a sexual encounter crossed his path. It was a Wednesday night, and unlike most Wednesday 
nights, something special was bound to happen. Something that would change the way Daniel viewed the world. Something between 
him and his gorgeous girlfriend.

Tiffany arrived at Daniel's doorstep at around 6, after being invited around for Dinner and Math study. Dinner was polished 
off quickly, and they had moved into his quiet room down the opposite end of his house when compared to the rest of the 
families location. Recently, both had been verging the possibility of a sexual encounter, but nothing had happened. Both were 
extremely horny as one could tell seeing Daniel flick through pages of the Math Textbook, his mind adrift elsewhere and his 
heart racing at a hundred miles per hour. Tiffany on the other hand, was watching Daniel with an eager look, secretly rubbing 
her thighs togeter and twiddling her thumbs. Could this be the night?

Tiffany was wearing the necklace Daniel had brought her for Valentines Day, He looked up and saw how beatiful she looked with 
it on. She was wearing a green dress, that fit very tightly and that would barely fit a five year old. Perhaps this was her 
way of telling Daniel that no matter how hard he tried, He would never have been able to keep his eyes off her breasts tucked 
tightly in the dress, and on the Math Textbook. The textbook was open to Trigonometry, but it was interesting because they 
were meant to be studying algebraic equations.

Tiffany was always the strong one in the relationship when it came to making first moves, and after patiently waiting for 
something to happen, she decided she would have to do it. Slowly, she nudged herself across the bed closer to Daniel. So 
close that her left breast was held up against his right shoulder. Tiffany put her hand on his leg, and used her index finger 
to make circular motions on his thigh. This was the move Daniel had been waiting for, for a long long time. The wait was 
over. This was the moment Daniel had been waiting for. He turned and ran his hand up her side, stopping just before the side 
of her breast as he passionately kissed her. Tiffany felt a tingle deep down - it was a special feeling, one she'd never felt 
before. This was the making of true love.

Daniel then placed his index finger over her nipple, which by now was erect. He proceeded to rub it in a circle motion as 
Tiffany began kissing his neck. Tiffany asked Daniel how he'd like to do this, and he took charge. Lying Tiffany down on the 
bed, he slowly rolled up her dress, beginning just above the knees and kissing her thighs with every centimetre the dress was 
taken up. Before her panties were revealed, Daniel, moved over ontop of Tiffany, not quite touching her, and kissed her 
shoulders with more love and passion than Romeo would kiss Juliet, or any other person would kiss their lover. It was truly 
romantic, and Tiffany was getting so horny that her panties were soaked with her hot lust fluids.

Whilst staring into Tiffany's eyes as he lay just above her, he rolled the dress up to her belly button, and walked his 
fingers somewhere around the edge of her thigh and her hip bone. After giving Tiffany another kiss he took the dress 
completely off. It was the Daniel had seen her bare naked body. Tiffany was a goddess, and he finally knew the 
wait for perfection was worth the while. He had found his solitude. His moment. His glory.

He started kissing down, down her body avoiding her breasts, down her belly, slightly tonguing her naval. Her belly ring was 
as cold as ice, and the stone on it shun in the light like a glistening crystal. He knew he was teasing her, but he had to 
make sure this was the perfect moment. He kissed her thighs and began moving closer and closer to her vaginal entrance. She 
was cleanly shaven apart from a streak just above her clitoris. A pussy could never be more beautiful, bright pink, and juicy 
as this. Just before he kissed her pussy, he blew his cold breath, very softly, onto her clitoris, which sent a shivering 
sensation all the way up Tiffany's body. Absolute bliss. Stopping him for a moment, Tiffany noticed Daniel was completely 
dressed, and asked him to undress. 

Daniel had never been seen naked before, but he wasn't too shy at undressing infront of a beautiful naked angel. Tiffany 
helped Daniel get down to his undies, and her eyes widened as suprise overcame anxiety at seeing his enormous buldge in his 
underwear. She couldn't wait to get that huge monster-cock inside of her cock-begging pussy. It was Tiffany's turn to take 
control and flipped sides with Daniel, so that he was on his back, and she was the one on top of him. She kissed down his 
body, taking his nipples into her mouth, and sucking on them like a south african child would suck on a lollipop for the 
first time. 

She then moved down and pulled down a portion of his underwear, only to be suprised at the head that popped out to greet her. 
She smiled and put her head down. Daniel was curious as to what was about to happen. She began to lick the tip of his penis, 
which was a whole new feeling to Daniel, and made his breathing increase tremendously. She removed his underwear, and ran her 
tongue down his fully erect, 8" penis, to his cleanly shaven balls. Daniel had shaved a loveheart on his pubic bone, as a 
romantic gesture, and he could tell Tiffany liked it as she started sucking on his balls.

Then before you could say "That elephant stole my peanuts!", Daniel had flipped Tiffany back into position, in a wrestling 
style notion, to show her who's boss. He took a breast in his mouth and another in the palm of his hand. Tiffany moaned in 
and her legs rubbed together in a very seductive, non-innocent way. As it was Daniel's first time ever sucking on a 
breast, he noticed its rubber texture and flexibility. He rolled Tiffany's nipple around his tongue and moved on to the 
second. Taking his hand off her other breast, he placed it on her pubic bone and started gesturing his hand closer to her 
vagina. There was a brief shudder from Tiffany's behalf, and he noticed her breathing increase even more.

He moved his hand down onto the sides of her vagina, noticing a spot where she'd missed shaving. little barely seen 
prickly hairs, and Daniel thought this was very cute. He leant up and kissed Tiffany on the lips, then whispered into her ear 
how much he loved her and wanted to please her. Daniel moved slowly backwards, rubbing his penis along her pubic bone, barely 
scraping her second set of lips. Down he went, kissing each and every inch of her silky soft skin, until his face was in-line 
with Tiffany's , . 

Daniel had never given head before, but had seen it done plenty of times in his parents' pornography collection. He had also 
read some techniques on the internet and knew exactly what to do. Think something along the lines of the first American Pie 
movie, where one of the characters gain possession of a book with these specific techniques. He placed his tongue in between 
her lips, and as he did so he felt his tongue instantly lubricated with Tiffany's magical sex-potion, produced naturally by 
her aroused pussy. He turned his head to the side and started licking her furiously. The sounds coming out of Tiffany's mouth 
at the time were cross between a squeel, moan, scream, and gasp. He must have been doing something right. He then moved up to 
her sweet spot. Yes, her clitoris. He knew this was the special part of her body with 8000 nerve endings alone, he knew how 
sensitive it was.

He stuck out his tongue and prodded at her swollen clitoris. She moaned. He then started circling her clitoris and moving 
around with his tongue. All those make-out sessions must have paid off as he could have continued eating her out for hours.

Tiffany notioned Daniel to bop his head up for a second, and mentioned a '69' position. It would have been a whole of 2 
seconds before they were in that special two-way mutual oral position. She took his penis in the palm of her hand as he began 
to lick her clitoris. Tiffany was finding it hard to concentrate on what she was doing as the feelings she felt were like 
none she had ever felt before. 

With his penis in hand, she started bopping her head up and down, feeling his balls in her hand as she continued. Tiffany 
continued sucking and licking up and down his penis, as he continued licking her vaginal lips and clitoris. Then something 
began to happen. Daniel had found the most sensitive part of Tiffany's clitoris, and was eagerly teasing it with his lips and 
tongue. Tiffany started pushing her groin into daniels face, and jumping his mouth and chin as this feeling was so great to 
do otherwise. All of a sudden she halted and screamed as hot liquid ran down Daniel's chin. At the same time, there was 
shaking coming from Tiffany and she got up afterwards, amazed at what had happened. Daniel had given Tiffany her first 
orgasm, and he surely was proud of himself.

After a few giggles, they both knew they were ready for the next step. With Tiffany standing with her back facing the bed, 
and Daniel sitting on the bed with erection standing tall, Daniel lowered Tiffany's hips more and more closer to his cock.
Then he stood up, turned her around, and gave her a very wet, passionate kiss on the lips. It was the moment meant for her, 
and the moment that he had been waiting for. Sitting back down, Daniel took a deep breath, as his whole virgin life flashed 
before him. The days he remembers masturbating to K-Mart magazines finding his parents pornlater, then the 
funny moment as he ejaculated in class, next - feeling quite risky, then next, getting the Internet and finding 
online porn, all the way to when he fantasised about this moment with his much-loved girlfriend Tiffany. 

Lowering her onto his penis, Daniel heard Tiffany gasp as his head touched her newly orgasmic clitoris. He used his other 
hand to pull it into the right spot, and Tiffany's juices ran down Daniel's cock. Then the connection of two loversoccured. 
Daniel's penis entered the point of no return. Sexual Intercourse. By now his whole head was inside her, and he continued 
lowering her and he felt the pressure of her vaginal walls - as if her pussy was hugging his erect penis. It continued moving 
all the way down until Daniel's penis was no longer seen. He had pushed his all the way inside her vagina.

Daniel was no longer a virgin.

Taking the opportunity to yet again suprise Tiffany, he began lifting her up and down, swaying his hips as he thrust deep 
inside her. He could control his grunts, as he knew the pressure to apply; but Tiffany was going . Ever heard a female 
dog on heat? Or the sound of a knife entering a persons abdomen. Combine them - It was the most natural sexual sound known to 
man. It was the greatest sound a lover could possibly hear, a satisfying sound, and by this stage Daniel had a very large 
cheeky grin on his face. Faster and faster he thrusted into her very hungry pussy, and by this stage Daniel's left arm was 
getting tired helping Tiffany up and down. There was a brief change of position.

Taking his penis out, Daniel stood up and layed Tiffany down sideways and on her stomach on the bed, with her sexy firm legs 
dangling off the edge. He then mounted her like a famous athlete mounting his bicycle, and shoved his cock inside her pussy.
It's hard to explain that first-enter feeling. It's like putting on a glove - once its in the right spot, you feel a very 
comfortable feeling; the difference would be that this would be close to the greatest feeling in the world - Yes, better than 
a foot massage after a long days work. He continued to drive his cock into her pussy, and worked out that if he put his hands 
on her shoulders, he could use it as leverage and push his huge cock even further. How could a girl take so much man-flesh? 

It must be like a fabricated bottomless pit, that gets smaller and smaller the further you fall down.

Tiffany's pussy was extremely tight, luckily it was also extremely well lubricated - A xnxxv sunny leone video useful thing usually discovered after 
fantastic foreplay. Thrusting hard, he placed his hands on her breasts, and his stomach was resting on her peachy tense 
bottom. Moments after, they had swivveled around the right way and were fucking completely on the bed, with the bedhead 
bashing up against the walls. Luckily Daniel's room had been soundproofed after his parents had gotten sick of his sterio 
blaring at all hours of the night. Once again, Daniel pulled his penis out.

Gesturing Tiffany to roll over, they decided without words, to move into the most common sexual position, missionary. This is 
a special position as it would be the most romantic, close moment a can get to eachother. A really smooth 
love aroma had filled the room, and it was sweet-smelling, and yet quite distinct. Daniel inserted his penis into her wet 
pussy another time, once again that great first-enter feeling crossed both their bodies. As they made love, Tiffany lifted 
her head and kissed Daniel impulsively on his lips. After telling him how much she loved him, Tiffany started shaking again, 
and started moving her hips wildly up and down. Soon after, Tiffany ejaculated, and Daniel could feel the hot liquid 
girly-cum run down his penis and encase his balls. It was pure ecstasy.

Tiffany was looking at Daniel in amidst curiousity and suprise. She then mentioned how if she didn't know better, she would 
believe if he wasn't a virgin before now. After all, Tiffany had heard most first-timers blow the lid quickly. Then there was 
a rollover and Tiffany was the one on top. The one in charge. With his cock still very deep inside her, she sat up, moaned, 
then proceeded to move a hair-tie from her wrist and tie her long silky hair up. She was the most beatiful thing he had ever 
seen, and he could do all but help resist the urge to run his hands up and around her breasts, and down to see his very own 
penis buried inside her vagina.

With her hair tied up, and a smile reaching ear to ear, she started slightly moving, her facial expression instantly changing 
to one of enchantment. She moved back and forth, riding him like a redneck rides a mechanical horse from some bar in texas. 

Daniel felt paradise as he lay there with his hands now behind his hand, just lying there, feeling immense pleasure as she 
rode him all the way to heaven.

From that position she lowered herself close to Daniel, taking in everything including pride. Pride for the love she has for 
him, and the love he shares equally with her. Hugging him, whilst on top of him moving her hips up and down on his penis, he 
feels a more sudden tingling feeling. He knows he is about to experience his first orgasm with the partner. Not a partner. 
The partner. For there is no second number in his life's sexual history, and this had been a moment in Daniel's life he will 
never forget.

Tiffany knows what is about to happen. It could be instinct, it could be intuition, it could even be the look on Daniel's 
face changing... so she speeds up the motion. At the same time, Tiffany begins to shudder. This continued for about ten 
seconds, then in a huge huff, both Daniel and Tiffany explode at the same time. Daniel, sending loads of his freshly brewed 
cum straight up Tiffany's pussy, and Tiffany also experiencing an orgasm. Both fluids forming together a special bond between 
these two lovers, and as they kiss, they roll to the side departing their sexual organs and after a few seconds silence, and 
after both their heart rates have decreased... They fall asleep after a few special words.

"I love you Daniel"
"I love you too Tiffany... with all my heart"