Wife helps colleague

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Wife helps colleague

My wife has always been a free spirt over sex and our relationship has been open. She worked at the time with a guy about ten years older than her. One evening she said to me that John was having a /bad/">bad time at home his wife was not having sex with him and he was looking for ways to try to get her switched on again.

She said she suggested porn DVD films and wondered if I would mind him borrowing some of ours. We had quite a lot at the time because I had a guy at work who used to sell them cheap. So I said yes no problem. She I assumed took them in the next day. I went to look at a DVD blowjob porn videos that my wife had made about two years ago with a mate who had agreed to do it and believe me it was some DVD. However it was not there and when I asked her she admitted she had loaned it with others to John. I was not over happy but let it go.

About two weeks later she milf porn videos said to me that John had made progress with his wife and she had been turned on by the Dvd,s and in particular the one with her in. She then said John wanted her to go and visit his wife the following Saturday was I OK with that. Apparently she want John to fuck her in the same way she had seen in the DVD.

So it took place and my wife returned lat that night and gave me the full details of how she fucked John with his wife filming them and then let him do it to her while my wife filmed them apparently she did things she had never done to John before.

She then let John have a final fuck making it three that night his dream had been fulfilled the next week John handed in his notice as his wife had left him and used the DVD as evidence that he screwed around.